Broadcast Networks Europe is dedicated to maintaining an efficient and fair regulatory and operational environment for Terrestrial Broadcast Network Operators with a view to ensuring European citizens continue having universal access to a broad range of TV and radio programs and content as well as other over-the-air services.

BNE Responds to the Public consultation on the RSPG Opinion on WRC-19

As the trade organisation for terrestrial broadcast network operators for TV and radio in Europe, BNE welcomed the opportunity to respond to the public consultation. It remains fully committed to the common European strategy on the UHF band agreed in 2017 : opening the 700 MHz band for mobile and confirming the allocation of 470-694 MHz to broadcasting as a primary service until at least 2030. This is also consistent with the long-term strategy defined by the RSPG, which earmarks the band for European audiovisual distribution services beyond 2030 and gives 20 European countries the long term regulatory visibility they require.