Broadcast Networks Europe is dedicated to maintaining an efficient and fair regulatory and operational environment for Terrestrial Broadcast Network Operators with a view to ensuring European citizens continue having universal access to a broad range of TV and radio programs and content as well as other over-the-air services.


Spectrum issues

As European countries increasingly switch-off their analogue terrestrial television services, some spectrum capacity is becoming freed-up and this can be used to offer new services. The availability of this spectrum capacity, the so-called digital dividend, can present opportunities for new digital television services with a broader range of content, high definition services and eventually entirely new services such as 3DTVI and ultra high definition TU. The more efficient use of spectrum offered by the new digital systems also allows for other services such as broadband wireless telecommunication to be introduced using a portion of the frequencies traditionally used for broadcasting. The availability of such frequencies will depend on country specific decisions by regulators and governments in each European country.

BNE believes an effective regulatory framework should be put in place that can be tailored to a variety of situations and, in particular, allow for the launch of future new DTT services.

In view of the European Commission’s roadmap for the use of the digital dividend, BNE would like to recommend that the EU Commission takes into account the following:

  • The effects on competition (in particular platform competition)
  • Incremental private value of DTT platform
  • External value (e.g. economic growth)
  • Public value (e.g. public service and regional policy benefits provided by DTT)
  • Migration costs
  • Support to cross-border coordination
  • Challenges of harmonisation of spectrum usage

Please find below the following BNE comments, position papers, responses to consultations:


Response to the Public consultation on the Draft RSPG Second Opinion on 5G networks
7 January 2018

Response to the Public consultation on the Draft RSPG Work Programme for 2018 and beyond
7 January 2018

Response to the Public consultation on the Draft RSPG Opinion on spectrum related aspects for next‐generation wireless systems (5G).
13 September 2016

BNE’s Position Paper on the UHF proposal
28 February 2016

BNE, CBU, ABU, ASBU, AUB, EBU, NABA, IAB: Support to the NOC Position Adopted by Several Regional Organizations for the Frequency Range 470-694/698MHZ
30 October 2015

Letter to President Juncker regarding the Commission’s approach to spectrum policy.
04 May 2015

BNE’s response to the Public consultation on the future use of the UHF TV broadcasting band: the Lamy Report
14 April 2015

Final text post consultation: RSPG Opinion on a long-term strategy on the future use of the UHF band (470-790 MHz) in the European Union
4  March 2015

Broadcast Network Europe inputs to the RSPG’s opinions on the future of the UHF band and common policy objectives of the World Radio Conference
12 January 2015

BNE Comments on ECC Deliverable “Draft ECC Report on the Long Term Vision for the UHF Broadcasting band”. See proposed amended ECC report here.
9 October 2014

BNE Reacts to the report of the High Level Group on the future use of the UHF Band
1 September 2014

BNE Comments on RSPG Work Programme “2014 and beyond
3 January 2014

BNE response to the European Commission Green Paper “Preparing for a Fully Converged Audiovisual World: Growth, Creation and Values”
30 September 2013

BNE Response to the Public Consultation on the Draft RSPG Opinion on Strategic Challenges facing Europe in addressing the Growing Demand for Wireless Broadband
3 May 2013

BNE Response to the Questionnaire on the long term spectrum requirements for television broadcasting in the European Union
28 September 2012

BNE Response to the questionnaire on spectrum requirements for terrestrial television broadcasting in connection with WRC- 15 agenda item 1.2
26 July 2012

BNE Policy Paper on the World Radio Conference of 2012 and Terrestrial Broadcasting in the context of the European Radio Spectrum Policy Program
12 March 2012

Public consultation on the draft RSPG Report on spectrum aspects related to “The future of radio broadcasting in Europe: Identified needs, opportunities and possible ways forward”
23 November 2010 -> 21 January 2011

EMF Directive (2004/40/EC)
5 April 2011

Public consultation on the draft RSPG opinion on Cognitive Technologies
23 November 2010 -> 15 January 2011

Public consultation on the draft RSPG Opinion on Common EU Policy Objective for WRC-12

23 November 2010 -> 15 January 2011

Public consultation on the RSPG Opinion in preparation for the radio spectrum policy programme (RSPP)
 31 March -> 30 April 2010