Broadcast Networks Europe is dedicated to maintaining an efficient and fair regulatory and operational environment for Terrestrial Broadcast Network Operators with a view to ensuring European citizens continue having universal access to a broad range of TV and radio programs and content as well as other over-the-air services.

Who can be a member?

Membership of the Association is open to any company / organization owning and operating as a core business terrestrial broadcast networks and services, and not having a majority interest in competing services.

In any case and for any submission, it is the General Assembly that makes the final decision on the admission of new members.

Types of membership

There are several ways to be associated with the work of the Association:

  • Full Members

Companies/organizations operating inside the European Union (EU), EFTA and EU candidate countries( and which are not under the control of another Full Member) are entitled to full membership.

  • Associated Members

Associated members can be of several types:

  • companies/organizations not operating within the EU, EFTA or EU candidate countries, but operating within the countries of the European Broadcasting Area or in member countries of the Council of Europe;
  • companies/organizations fulfilling the requirements of being a Full Member, but over which a Full Member has Control or Joint Control;
  • companies/organizations operating in a country of the International Telecommunication Union which for any reason do not qualify as a Full or Associated Member but whose participation in certain BNE activities is considered useful and relevant;

How to become a member?

Companies or organizations interested in participating as a Full Member or as an Associated Member to the Association should submit a short written statement (including a signed adherence to the Articles of Association) to the Board of Directors describing the organization and its interest in participating in the Association.

Requests for further information and applications for membership shall be sent to:

Broadcast Networks Europe
Rue du Luxembourg, 22- 23
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32(0) 2 13 13 84
Fax: + 32 (0) 2 213 1363

The Board of Directors will check the validity of the application against the Application Conditions and submit the application to the General Assembly for approval. The admission procedure is completed upon payment of membership fees.

+32(0) 2 13 13 13