Broadcast Networks Europe is dedicated to maintaining an efficient and fair regulatory and operational environment for Terrestrial Broadcast Network Operators with a view to ensuring European citizens continue having universal access to a broad range of TV and radio programs and content as well as other over-the-air services.

Changes in BNE leadership

On March 19, 2013, Mrs. Sirpa Ojala from Digita (Finland) was elected as the new BNE Chairperson for the next 6 months.

This builds on a previous decision by the BNE Executive Board in March 2013 to move to Chair periods of 6 months, thereby introducing a rolling scheme to allow all member companies to have the opportunity to chair BNE.

In addition, the Board agreed that the Chair person would represent BNE at selected high level meetings to express the common and agreed view of BNE members.

Lars Backlund, Teracom (Sweden) former BNE Chairman was elected to hold the newly created position of Secretary General and Bernard Pauchon, TDF (France) was re-elected as Vice Chairman.