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BNE commissions report on Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)

In an effort to better understand trends in Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and to assess the DTT value creation, the European Broadcasting Union, DigiTAG and the BNE have commissioned Deloitte LLP to compile a report on the impact of DTT within Europe.

The report demonstrates that DTT brings significant benefits to European consumers and citizens. It provides consumers with free and universal access to TV, promoting social inclusion.

In addition, it shows that the introduction of DTT and the manner in which the service has been embraced by the consumer has delivered a substantial economic benefit underpinned by investments from the broadcast industry and ultimately the consumer.

Finally, the report points that the allocation of 800MHz spectrum has reduced the amount of spectrum available for terrestrial broadcast television use and recommends that further allocation of spectrum should be investigated by a full economic and social analysis of the value provided to all stakeholders.

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