Broadcast Networks Europe is dedicated to maintaining an efficient and fair regulatory and operational environment for Terrestrial Broadcast Network Operators with a view to ensuring European citizens continue having universal access to a broad range of TV and radio programs and content as well as other over-the-air services.

Providing over-the-air transmission services

Terrestrial Broadcast Network Operators provide over-the-air transmission services for TV, radio and other related applications.

Terrestrial Broadcast Networks Operators embrace the move to the digital economy and work to:

– develop and roll out High Definition broadcasting services for TV.

– develop, in a longer perspective, also transmission of 3DTV

– develop digital radio on several platforms

– develop multimedia related services

Making a positive contribution to the society

Our industry is mindful of making a positive contribution to the society and minimize its negative impact on the environment. As key actors of today’s society, Terrestrial Broadcast Network Operators are mindful of adopting a number of initiatives in the following areas:

  • Electromagnetic environment
  • Energy saving
  • Environment and waste
  • Energy and carbon reduction
  • Transparency of information
  • Solidarity

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